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My Practice of Transcendental Meditation has been transformative.

Updated: Jun 10

Embarking on the journey of Learning the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The practice of Transcendental Meditation, with its roots in ancient Vedic traditions, promises relaxation and a profound shift in consciousness.

When I first encountered TM, I was in a state of personal turmoil. The hustle of everyday life had worn me thin, and the persistent noise in my mind left me yearning for a reprieve. I understand or could relate to the struggles you might be facing, and I want to share how Transcendental Meditation helped me find that much-needed sense of inner peace.

Before Learning about the TM technique

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Before discovering Transcendental Meditation (TM), the demands of daily responsibilities, the pressures of work, and the relentless mental chatter left me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. It was a period marked by sleepless nights and a persistent unease. Despite trying various methods to find inner peace — exercise, hobbies, even brief moments of mindfulness — nothing seemed to bring the sustained relief I desperately sought. The need for a more profound, more enduring solution became evident. Hence, I decided to learn more about the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique by registering for an upcoming session at a TM Centre near me. The initial session was a Free Introductory Lecture at one of the Accredited TM Centres in Delhi. The introduction to TM was simple and unassuming. There was no compulsion from the organisers and teachers to sign up for the four-day TM Course after attending the talk, yet it felt right.


The Practice of Transcendental Meditation

Its refreshingly straightforward approach sets Transcendental Meditation apart from other forms of meditation. On the first day of my course, guided by a certified instructor, I was given a specific mantra, a sound without meaning, to help focus my mind. The instructor stressed that TM is about effortless practice, not concentrated effort. This initial session was a revelation. Sitting comfortably, eyes closed, and silently practising the technique, I experienced an unexpected calm depth. It was like tapping into a hidden wellspring of tranquillity within myself. Over the next few days, our teacher helped us understand the subtle nuances of the technique and the mysterious way our mind works. The four-day course was enlightening and changed my perspective about consciousness and mindfulness.

It felt like diving into an inner ocean, discovering a place of stillness and peace. Initially, thoughts would intrude, but the gentle guidance from my instructor made the practice easy to understand. Unlike anything I had experienced, it was a natural and effortless shift from chaos to calm.

1. Days into the Practice of Transcendental Meditation

In the days immediately following the initial instruction, the practice of TM became a twice-daily ritual. Each session, lasting about twenty minutes, provided a sanctuary from the day's chaos. The effects were subtle but noticeable. I began feeling reduced stress and a slight but persistent sense of calm. The restlessness that plagued my mind while meditating on my own slowly faded. Each session felt like a small but significant step towards reclaiming my inner peace. This gradual progress gave me hope and inspired me to continue.

2. Weeks into the Practice of Transcendental Meditation

As the weeks passed, the benefits of TM started to manifest more clearly. Stress levels continued to decrease, and my thoughts had a newfound clarity. Daily challenges that once triggered anxiety were now approached with a calm detachment. This shift in perspective was transformative. The mental fog that had clouded my thinking began to lift, revealing a more transparent, more focused mind. Interactions with others also improved; I became more present and empathetic, reacting less impulsively and more thoughtfully. The practice of TM was no longer just a routine but a cornerstone of my daily life, grounding me amidst the hustle and bustle.

3. Months into the Practice of Transcendental Meditation

As weeks turned into months, the transformative power of TM became profoundly evident. The inner peace and stability I experienced were more than just fleeting moments of calm—they were a fundamental shift in my way of being. Life's ups and downs no longer felt like overwhelming storms but gentle waves on a vast ocean of tranquillity. This inner calm radiated outward, positively influencing my relationships and environment. Creativity and productivity soared as mental clarity and focus improved. Tasks that once seemed daunting became manageable, and decision-making processes were enhanced. These long-term benefits of TM keep me motivated and intrigued to explore its depths further.

The health benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM) extend beyond my mental well-being. I noticed improved sleep patterns, increased energy levels, and a general sense of well-being becoming the new norm. My body, freed from the constant grip of stress, began to heal and rejuvenate. This holistic shift towards better health was a welcome transformation, reinforcing TM's profound impact on mind and body.


Reflecting on my TM Journey 

The most profound realisation is the nature of consciousness itself. TM has revealed a vast, unbounded reservoir of silence and stillness beneath daily life's surface noise and turbulence. This deeper level of consciousness is always accessible, providing a steady foundation to build a more meaningful and fulfilling life. The journey with TM is ongoing.

We continuously explore inner landscapes that promise ever-deeper peace and understanding. True transformation comes from within, connecting with our consciousness's deeper currents. 

In sharing this personal journey, I want to inspire others to explore TM and discover its potential for transformation. TM offers a pathway to inner peace and resilience in an overwhelming and chaotic world. Through TM, I have found a way to cope with life's challenges and a means to thrive, live more fully and authentically, and embrace the transformative power of inner stillness.



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