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A Harmonious Gathering of TM Siddhas and TM Teachers in Noida

Updated: Mar 23

In the serene enclave of Maharishi Peace Palace in Noida, a tranquil Sunday on January 28, 2024, witnessed a gathering of Certified Transcendental Meditation (TM) Teachers and TM Siddhas. Aptly named the "Bliss Meet," this event brought together around 20-25 individuals who share a profound commitment to advanced meditation practices and the pursuit of inner peace. Such gatherings are a regular occurrence, typically happening on a monthly or weekly basis, fostering a sense of community and spiritual connection.

TM Teachers in Noida
Bliss Meet held at Maharishi Peace Palace, Noida on January 28, 2024

The Bliss Meet commenced with the coming together of TM Teachers and Siddhas, individuals who actively practice the advanced meditation programs, including the TM-Sidhi Program and the Yogic Flying Program. Notable attendees included Ankit Thapliyal, Sunil Yadav, Yagya Vrat Sharma, Harish Gupta, Dr. Shambhoo Sharan, Sumedha Vashishtha, Anjali Tyagi, Dr. Mudita Agarwal, Arghya Dutta Choudhury, Col Kul Bhushan, Ajaya Shrivastava, Aalok Shrivastava, Dr. Ajeet Yadav, Manjulata Jena, Arjuna Jena, Arti Arora, Amira Arora, Aditi Shrivastava, Puja Vashishtha, Kaustubh Dube, Mohit Tomar, and Aaryan Arora.

The heart of the gathering was the group meditation session, where participants immersed themselves in the transcendental experience of TM. The positive effect created during the group practice of the TM-Sidhi Program contributed to a heightened sense of coherence and harmony. As the participants delved into the profound depths of meditation together, the atmosphere in the Peace Palace resonated with tranquility and spiritual vibrancy.

One of the highlights of the Bliss Meet was the screening of a video featuring Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique. Participants had the privilege of watching Maharishi Ji, as he is affectionately known, share his wisdom and insights on the transformative power of meditation. His timeless and profound teachings added an extra layer of inspiration to the gathering.

Personal Experiences of TM Teachers in Noida

For each participant, the Bliss Meet became an opportunity to enrich their personal meditation experiences. The synergy of practising meditation collectively elevated the depth and intensity of their individual journeys. As the group delved into the serene realms of consciousness, a shared sense of inner bliss permeated the room, fostering a more profound connection among the participants.

Benefits of Group Practice with TM Siddhas

The Group Practice of the TM-Sidhi Program is known for its transformative effects on both individual and collective consciousness. The gathering at Maharishi Peace Palace experienced firsthand the positive impact of this practice, as the collective coherence created an environment conducive to increased consciousness and harmony. The ripple effect of such collective meditation sessions extends beyond the individual, contributing to a more harmonious and peaceful community. Participants shared their thoughts and reflections on the experience after the Bliss Meet.

Puja expressed her thoughts:

"Such programs should be done more often,"

Emphasizing the importance of regular gatherings for collective meditation.

Yagya innocently confessed that:

"Coming together for meditation and eating together after meditation is fun!"

Sumedha conveyed a heartfelt sentiment:

"I was missing this group,"

Underscoring the sense of belonging and camaraderie fostered by such events.

The Bliss Meet at Maharishi Peace Palace in Noida was more than a gathering; it celebrated unity, inner peace, and the transformative power of Transcendental Meditation. As TM Teachers and Siddhas continue to come together regularly for these blissful encounters, the ripple of positivity extends far beyond the serene walls of the Peace Palace, contributing to a more harmonious and connected world. The event serves as a testament to the enduring impact of collective meditation on individual and collective well-being, reminding us of the profound wisdom encapsulated in Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's teachings.


Can anyone attend the Bliss Meet at Maharishi Peace Palace?

The Bliss Meet is typically organised exclusively for TM Teachers and TM Siddhas, who are actively involved in advanced meditation programs. If you are a TM Meditator and are regular with your practice, you can apply to learn the advanced programs like TM-Sidhi and Yogic Flying courses.

What role does Maharishi Mahesh Yogi play in the Bliss Meet?

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique, plays a significant role through the screening of videos where he shares wisdom and insights on the transformative power of meditation. His teachings add an extra layer of inspiration to the gathering.


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