Celebrity Statements

"It's changed my life, it's changed how I think about things. I meditate before I write a song, before I perform. I feel my brain open up and I feel my most sharp."

Katy Perry hollywood actress
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"It (TM) does allow you to separate who you truly are and what's real from the stories that run through your head."

Jim Carreyhollywood actor
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"With meditation, my anxiety levels dropped considerably. It seems to me that the mind is fuel to the fire of fear. The mind can make us worry about things beyond their measure. And the great thing about meditation is that twice a day, the monkey mind just calms down."

Hugh Jackman hollywood actor
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"I learned TM, the Transcendental Meditation technique. And it was exactly what I needed! The thing that blew me away the most about it was that it was the easiest thing I've ever done - not the easiest meditation, but the easiest thing I have ever learned."

cameron Diazhollywood actress
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Noida, India

Recommended by the American Heart Association for reduction of blood pressure

Received more than US 26 million in research grants by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA

Recommended by doctors practicing at AIIMS and Paras Hospital