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"One thing that I find with meditating is that it helps me make better decisions … I'm more creative too. So there's the element of reducing stress, reducing tiredness and all those feelings, but there is the positive element as well".

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Meditate for a brighter, more positive state of mind

Evidence shows that Transcendental Meditation improves your resilience to stress. This simple technique allows you to find deep relaxation and also primes you to better handle the challenging situations life presents.

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Decrease your stress hormones naturally

TM's effect on cortisol: this landmark study published in Hormones and Behaviour found that Transcendental Meditation reduces cortisol by 30%.

Stanford University study

Stanford University researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 146 independent studies on the effect of various meditation techniques and found that TM is twice as effective at reducing stress.

About Tm

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Sector - 70, Noida

Maharishi Peace Palace (Transcendental Meditation Centre), BH-54, Sector 70, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307

Place: Maharishi Peace Palace, Noida



Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Maharishi Ayurveda and Transcendental Meditation Centre, W-20, Next to Hanuman Mandir, Near Janta Market, Rajouri Garden 110027

Place: Rajouri Garden


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Bob Roth

Bob Roth explains the benefits of TM

Lena Dunham

It (TM) gathers me up for the day and makes me feel organized and happy

Jennifer Aniston

Twenty minutes, you just notice the difference!




Noida, India

Recommended by the American Heart Association for reduction of blood pressure

Received more than US 26 million in research grants by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA

Recommended by doctors practicing at AIIMS and Paras Hospital